Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions
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How much time do students have to complete the course (classroom & behind-the-wheel)?

Students have 6 months from the first day of class to complete all aspects of the course (classroom time, behind-the-wheel, and observation). If they do not complete the program within 6 months, there is a $100 reinstatement fee due prior to continuation.

What happens if we need to cancel or miss a scheduled drive?

If you cannot make a drive that is scheduled, you may cancel before 24 hours or if you must cancel within 24 hours or miss the scheduled time, there is a $45 fee for each occurrence.

When do I make a payment for class?

Payments are made on first day of class or before the start of class. We prefer payment to be either check or cash, although credit card is accepted too (Visa, Master Card, or Discover).

Why would a student choose a private driving school instead of the public school class?

A student can complete the entire classroom schedule in about 5 weeks, as opposed to an entire semester. The classes can also be taken in the summertime. There is a larger choice of when classes can be taken, as well as a large choice of when the student drives with the instructor.

Are there other students in the car when I take my lesson?

The preferred teaching model is to have two teens in the car at all times. A driver and an observer are typically scheduled in a two-hour block. Each student will have a one hour drive time and a one hour observation time.

How many classes can a student miss?

A student can only miss 4 classes. All classes missed must be made up.

How many classroom lessons are in the course?

There are fifteen two-hour classroom sections.

How much instruction time does a student receive?

The program meets all State requirements: 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel. Our school has a few other options as well to give students more experience

What documentation does a student need to get their permit?

The license branch will ask for the certification of driver education enrollment form. This form will be emailed after successful enrollment in one of our program options. The student will also need to present an original birth certificate, original social security card and school report card as well as proof of residence. The state license branch may have other requirements.

How old must a student be to get their permit?

A student must be 15 years old.

How old must a student be to enroll in your driver’s education program?

This program is available to students as young as 14 years as long as the student turns 15 by the last day of class.