Midwest Five Star Driving School has partnered with KarChing, an industry-leading phone app that promotes safe driving that automagically logs supervised drive hours for students with their parents or guardian.

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How it works:
When students complete their driver’s permit from the Secretary of State, they can download the KarChing app and use it to log the required supervised driving hours necessary to be eligible for Segment II and their Road Test.

  • KarChing tracks and scores how the person using the app drives based off of insurance industry standards for safe driving. The scoring criteria include vehicle speed, acceleration, braking, turning, and phone usage.
  • Once 50 hours of supervised drives for the student are attained with a parent or guardian, a PDF report can be generated, ready to sign and be presented to the Secretary of State DMV to get their license.
  • Very important! The student driver and parent or guardian BOTH must have the app downloaded and installed on their phone so KarChing can automatically track and record the supervised drives and create the DMV supervised drive hours log report. The scoring model can also be used in a game format where teens can compete with their friends to see who the safest driver is.

Disclaimer: KarChing is a promotional partner of Midwest Five Star Driving School. Midwest Five Star Driving School does not require its students to download or use the KarChing application. Midwest Five Star Driving School shall not be responsible for any data, results, or monetary compensation promised by the KarChing app and shall not be responsible for any issues that arise from the download or usage of the app.